An Appleはりんごをかじるセルフポートレート作品。りんご1個をかじり始めてからかじり終わるまでを記録する。



 This is a self portrait eating an apple. Shoot from the time I start eating one apple to the time I finish eating.

I will shoot in midwinter because this work is based on the memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It was snowstorm outside. I was alone. One of the hotel staff warmed and gave us apple juice. When I was drinking it, I was free from loneliness and anxiety, and I was innocent myself as if I was a child. I felt that the energy of the apple filled my body and I could live.

Before long, apples became a symbol of life, and eating and living overlapped. When I lost my hope of living, I was trying to remember living by eating an apple. Memory flows. So I made a living figure of me in my memory.