I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2017. I started to use colors because of the impact of being exposed to intense sunlight at the top of that mountain. While being driven by the urge of life, I changed from colored pencils to crayons to pens, and is currently using acrylic paint. The theme of the creation is “living”. It depicts all the inner states( ; emotions, sensations, spirits, thoughts) and relationships with the outside.

There is another big question. “What keeps me drawing?” It is a question of sustainable creativity. It is the power for a person to be like that person while mixing with various changes, and because of that, distant ancestors have pioneered the future so far. It is the power that is indispensable to us today, who live in a muddy stream of rapidly changing values and information. I call it the power to live and present it to people throughout my life-reflecting creative activities.