It’s the challenge of visualizing the wholeness and fluidity of “living.” While colliding and mixing with all the changes that exist inside and outside of human beings in real time, we constantly develop destruction and creativity, and life is inherited. Although it takes the style of live painting, everything related to life, such as the space and environment to draw, the feeling of air, the body, and the time axis, becomes the field of expression.

Among them, “Mikoto no Iro” is a performance project that develops throughout Ayame’s life. Mikoto means all life in old Japanese. The first one was held in 2019. Mikoto’s activities born in that space at that time are visualized with paint while overwriting past activities. In the 1st session, I wore the work I drew in the 0th session as a costume. The accumulated past activities and the new white fields will be mixed with all the current activities without boundaries and will be connected to the future.

Mikoto no Iro

Photo by Takumi Sano